Boutique developers have a ‘leg up’ in this recession

Hotel Business Magazine reports that Developers are banking on the fact that unique boutique hotel facets will create demand.  What a great time for our Association!

The July issue of Hotel Business (HITEC Issue) included an article by Bruce Serlen which stated that “despite the overall air of gloom, developers of new boutique hotels continue to maintain their properties’ one-of-a-kind design and ambiance set them apart from their more standard-issue competitors.”

Many owner groups maintain that ‘their boutique hotels’ special profile gives them a marketing edge among one of their most sought-after target customers: today’s discriminating Generation X travelers.”

The article continues to explain that “reliable data for boutique hotels can be hard to come by because the exact definition of what constitutes a boutique hotels varies.  As a category, boutique hotels — which are increasingly known as lifestyle hotels, also encompass a number of full-service price points.”

“While some boutique hotel operators — including Kimpton Hotels and Morgans Hotel Group, consider themselves upscale or upper upscale, others such as W Hotels (a unit of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide), position themselves also as luxury brands.”

What a great time for our Association!  During this recession, travelers are looking for something special and unique which they automatically attach a higher value to as compared to the big branded properties.  Our Association members are one-of-a-kind, daring, unique and dynamic to mention only a few attributes.

Timing is everything!  Take advantage of it.

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