Complimentary Webinar on Search Engine Marketing

The BLLA is pleased to offer special guests access to 3 complimentary Webinars on the subject of Search Engine Marketing.

Follow this link to register:,M3,45f335ac-5b84-433b-9899-59f05890c9b3

The first Webinar, Search – Powering the Marketing Mix, held last month is being repeated because of high demand.  

Following is a summary of the 3 sessions:

1.  September 24, 2009 – 9:00 am PT.  Search – Powering the Marketing Mix.  

Since the dawn of advertising, companies have spent untold fortunes on the creation of their marketing mix.  The traditional approach to this process has been typically ‘top-down’.  That is, messages were created to tout the attributes and benefits of a product or service.  This would be followed by integration of the messages into each channel in the marketing mix.  Finally, conventional marketing research would be employed to ascertain the effectiveness of the messages.

2.  October 8, 2009 – 9:00 am PT – 10 steps for Online Success

There are many forms of online marketing – determine which are best to meet your company’s goals.

From banner buys to Paid Search, Content Networks and Affiliate marketing, which is best for your company and why?  EngineWorks will explore the various forms of Online Marketing and how to determine the appropriate mix taking into consideration your budget, goals and timeline.

3.  October 22, 2009 – 9:00 am PT – Leveraging Social Media Marketing

Go beyond the basics of Facebook and Twitter – learn how to develop a strategy that ensures success for you and your company.

Everyone has heard of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – most of us probably have opened an account or are using one or more in some capacity.  How can these Social Media Networks be used to increase your qualified traffic and, more importantly, increase customers to your site?  Learn the power of Social Media Networking and how you can advertise across multiple platforms.

About The Boutique & Lifestyle Lodging Association (BLLA)
The BLLA was created to be the unifying voice of this unique sector within the hospitality industry. It will be the “One Place” to find and book all boutique & lifestyle hotels for the consumer as well as for the agency community. Benefits for members include exclusive access to complimentary white papers, networking through online and live events, industry reports, webinars, marketing education and other valuable tools to manage and grow their businesses.

Our association members and contributors provide traditional and non-traditional marketing strategies, booking technology, advocacy, business development, strategic solutions, management, and consulting through events, newsletters, webinars and other collaborative ventures.  Members include brands and properties (owners/managers/staff), suppliers who desire to reach this hospitality sector, hospitality students and the press.  Click here to become an official Member of the Association.

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