Boutique properties possess an unending array of thought-provoking design and architecture.  They are structures born of a profound sense of reflection, like in last night’s episode of Numbers.  As the character, Charlie, reflects on writing a paper he must leave behind for the professors who will follow him.  Here we divert a bit to take in a soulful statement:

“Our ancestors stories belong to us now.  Each of their signatures is a self swallowing set, a name that shorthands a body of thought.  A life’s work .

The question isn’t who you are.  The question is:  who did I turn out to be?  Who am I to you?  Are faded chalk marks and scratches on the floor the only evidence I was here.

Or did some scribbled note, some fragment of a proof, infer to your perception of the world; even confirm it, cementing what you felt in your heart to be true.  With the balance of left column to write.

What footprints have I left behind?  Do they endure?  Or has the ocean of discovery washed them away already?

How many lives have I touched?   Have I touched yours?”

For property owners and managers around the world;  how did you touch the lives of your guests?  How will they remember your staff, your property, your services?

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