Boutique Properties Must Embrace Social Media

Make it a goal to do more in 2010!

Many hotels and boutique properties complain that social media is over-saturated, time consuming and there is no way to measure its true affect on its ability to generate sales.  So why should your boutique property use this new media platform to promote its brand?

Here are the top three reasons why your boutique must utilize social media as part of its marketing mix.

  • Create brand loyalty:

All boutique properties know that customer retention is vital to business. Engaging your customer promotes brand loyalty.  With sites such as Facebook and Twitter, your boutique hotel can remind them why they always have such a great time when they stay with you.

  • Engage your customers:

Customer’s stay at a boutique one time and may tell a friend or two about their experience.  But, this isn’t good enough!  When your customer’s are engaged and follow you on multiple social sites their   experience will spread like wildfire.  This sense of community drives customer’s comfort level while staying at your boutique property.

  • Network! Network! Network!

The more you know about industry trends and keep up with the key players in your industry the better!  While you were learning how to move up the corporate ladder, you must have learned, it’s not what you   know, it’s who you know.  Websites such as LinkedIn allow you to hear about trends and business opportunities that can benefit your boutique and your career.

Written by: Daniel Barsook,

2 thoughts on “Boutique Properties Must Embrace Social Media

  1. Many social media users are experienced travelers, who have seen what package tours can offer and are now demanding tailored holidays, or choices from modules which can be combined to meet their overall requirements.

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