Investing in Employees for Customer Retention

Guest experience is crucial for boutique properties that hope to turn patrons into “lifetime customers.”

How do you make sure each guest raves about their stay?  Hiring the most customer service driven employees is one way.  Humans crave personal interaction and this is of the greatest importance in the hospitality industry.

Employees who have a customer-first attitude, a willingness to go the extra mile as well as an understanding of the importance of the guest experience are crucial to your business.  These staff members are the ones who will help drive your viral marketing efforts, will help increase revenues and cash flow, as well as create ever-lasting bonds with your customers.

The Association will be taking on these initiatives which will be included in various educational venues throughout 2010.

By:  Daniel Barsook, BLLA Business Development

One thought on “Investing in Employees for Customer Retention

  1. People are prepared to pay good money for a quality experience and this might benefit the up-market end to the holiday market.

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