Let the Music Begin …

It’s an exciting week when you can finally say, “We Are Live.”  The BLLA online reservation system, Phase 1, has been launched.  Travel technology, in it’s best form, is no match for the weak at heart.  It is a constantly moving target and one which always seems to be searching for the next big thing. More than likely no different than any other technology on the planet.

A work of art!
Book a Boutique or Lifestyle Hotel

While wide-spread compliance within the travel industry with such things as the OTA (Open Travel Alliance) is about a year away from being the one constant necessity for all travel techno geeks out there, we must ensure that our systems are in-check.  At least that is what we’re being told.  It’s all about standards and making it easier for this one to connect with that one and that one to connect with this one.  Basically, talk the talk or take a walk, or a hike or a long vacation.  At some point, you’ll be on your own unless you are OTA compliant.

What I really love about the hospitality industry is it’s resilience to remain a bit behind the times technology-wise but ahead-of-the-curve in knowing what customers want.  Visionary designers, architects and owners compete daily to win over the traveling public.  They will jump over hoops to ensure your every wish is their command.  From designer water to feather down pillows in 12 different versions, they are open to taking a leap into the latest and greatest for the good of their property and their guests comfort.  At least that’s how it is in the boutique & lifestyle sector of hospitality!

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