The BLLA has entered into some prime agreements with companies who compliment the Boutique & Lifestyle Lodging Association’s core philosophy and concept.  They are organizations and firms that embody quality and are brands with a great reputation and solid business model.

We will announce who they are shortly.  In the meantime, it’s crucial for anyone who is firmly establishing a new brand or relaunching an old one, to associate with others who will compliment your efforts, thus raising the level of awareness of your products or services including your property.

In the world of business contracting for properties, ensure that you spend time selecting the right partners to present to your corporate and agency accounts.  It can mean the difference between signing that annual contract or not.  And that contract can be one that is valuable for both you and client and will be influenced by your partner list.

Partners can also be suppliers

Remember also that your partners will refer business to you; so treat them like you would your own inside or outside sales staff.  Take good care of them and support all their efforts.

More on 2011 RFP contracting soon.

By:  Frances Kiradjian, Founder, BLLA

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