Hospitality Design Expo Review


Hot looking furniture design

The HD Expo, held annually in Las Vegas, was booming this year despite a down economy. The products on offer were mostly unique and creative, but most of all there were quite a few “green” companies. One of my personal favorites was Smart Glass, where designer and owner, Kathleen Plate, creates stunning chandeliers and wall coverings out of recycled bottles. Just outside the expo floor attendees could tour a “sustainable suite” complete with “green” products from a variety of companies.  

What was once unique a few years ago often had more competition this year. Items like television mirrors were well represented, but still fascinating nonetheless. I remember the joy of seeing my first one in the Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas in the quirky Go room. The idea is fascinating and trendy, but make sure you know it is there before having a cocktail or two. Just saying…  

HD Expo Exhibitor


Companies such as Meitu offered beautifully crafted furniture and accessories at impressively affordable prices while others showcased new and innovative inventions. Sta Kleen even gave us a giggle with a young man in a hot pink dinner jacket offering us the opportunity to write on him with permanent marker, and yes, it wiped right off. Whether you were looking to outfit your boutique hotel with fireplaces, funky furniture, or Native American spa products, it could all be found on the enormous expo floor. Hundreds of exhibitors displayed their finest items in a very well organized layout, and attendees were able to get a good feel for all manners of hotel design items. 

By Morissa Pawl
BLLA Business Development

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