Hospitality Awards’ Sponsors Offer Generous Support and Testimonials

BLLA is incredibly grateful to the sponsors of last week’s Boutique & Lifestyle Hospitality Awards luncheon event in Miami. Their support helped make the event be such a significant success.

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Here are some of their kind comments:

“Nurturing friendship with Frances Kiradjian was a wise move on our part. Her heart and soul is in promoting Boutique Lodging & Lifestyle Association. Frances has a whole bunch of admirers across the boutique hotel industry. Participants of top CEOs from Kimpton Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels, Hyatt and Techtron Hospitality/Desires Hotels were noteworthy.” Rafiq Lodhia, DiBella Linens

“I wanted to personally congratulate you on the success of the HD show and your first annual Boutique and Lifestyle Awards luncheon. It was an honor to be included at this very special launch event and participate on the panel.You’ve done a fantastic job with establishing the BLLA. I loved your comments about the awards and the thoughtfulness you gave to the establishment of the bell icon. When I got back from Miami last evening I pulled out my “For Whom the Bell Tolls”, E. Hemingway book and there in the prologue was the beautiful poem you shared with us. It is quite poignant and appropriate”.
Janis Cannon
Global Vice President, Indigo Hotels
Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) Brand Management

Congratulations on your first annual awards show.  It was nicely attended and the program was well received by everyone I spoke to. As well, you had a nice lineup of panelist that provided some great insight on the state of the industry, specifically as it pertains to this niche segment of the industry.
Raul Vega, STASH

Continued success with BLLA. I knew it was a CLEAR WINNER and have spread the news along the way since we met at HD 2010, LV.
Peter Schor, Industry Consultant

It was wonderful to be part of the first annual Boutique & Lifestyle Hospitality
Event 2010. Everyone at Dibella Germany were immensely pleased for all the
promotion work you and your dedicated team of BLLA have done at the HD
Boutique Show in Miami Beach. Simply put, it was an outstanding presentation
conducted by BLLA on behalf of their respective sponsors.
“Courage is grace under pressure,” remarked Ernest Hemmingway. Your courage
in promoting BLLA in becoming a nation’s leading association for boutique and lifestyle hotels is admirable, and not to mention, the graceful manner with which you presented the BLLA awards were also commendable. Dibella Germany/Georgia Cotton wishes you and BLLA all the best wishes. We will always remain your loyal friend and an ardent supporter of BLLA. WE’RE MIGHTY PROUD to be associated with your highly esteemed organization, Frances.

Rafiq Lodhia, Georgia Cotton/Dibella Germany

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