Boutique Lodging Magazine Launch

BLLA’s planned launch later this month of the Boutique Lodging Magazine site is in the process of adding unique content to its first pages.  In planning for some great stories, we put out an alert to the industry and never in our wildest imagination did we figure we’d receive such an amazing and what we’re calling, ‘ginormous’ response.

Publicists, editors and PR firms have fully embraced BLLA and are supporting our efforts with this new publication.  Testimonials are flowing, i.e.:”Congratulations on  your creation of BLLA.  To bring together the best of the world’s boutique properties for the benefit of supplies and travellers is an inspired idea. You have tapped a gap in the market and yours in a truly original concept and organisation.”  Hilary Doling  |  The Luxury Travel Bible  

What exactly is the industry saying?  We must be on the right track.  Further to our research, we are working closely with several hospitality universities around the globe, to assist in our efforts with this hospitality sector study.  Our first conference call is tonight.  We will report on our plans shortly.

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