How can Boutique Hotels be sustainable, ecological and profitable?

Turtle representative image for sustainability

It’s a big challenge to any organisation to make sure their practises are ecologically sound, sustainable and at the same time  generating the necessary profits.   It’s also worth noting that guests particularly of boutique hotels are more environmentally aware and discerning in selecting places to stay that compliment their environment rather than take it for granted.

The BLLA continually tries to encourage the industry and its members to be aware of its responsibilities and the need for sustainability.    Green Globe Sustainability CertificationOne of our sponsoring partners is Green Globe, who are the leading the way in the hospitality industry with providing global certification in sustainability.  They work with a number of research, tourism councils and environmental agencies to develop viable strategies that hotels can implement into their businesses and increase their opportunity for globally recognised certification.

And one of our newest members the Clean Agency, works within an organization to build internal momentum around environmental priorities, creating broad acceptance among stakeholders and identifying critical ways to help the organisation embrace sustainable practises.  Clean Agency Sustainable Strategies for Boutique HotelThey already work with a variety of organisations and companies including California Department of Conservation & US Green Building Council; Warner Bros & Mattel Toys.

These type of companies can really help hotel owners and managers fulfil the objective of making their properties sustainable, ecologically-sound and at the same time profitable.  It’s a challenge that we all have to face up to, to ensure a  prosperous and lasting future!

3 thoughts on “How can Boutique Hotels be sustainable, ecological and profitable?

  1. Not only increased social and environmental awareness, a wider concern for the community is also part of eco-tourist value.

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