Boutique Hotels and the numerous ways to increase revenue by embracing technology

Mobile Phone AppsTechnology, nowadays is an undeniable and fundamental part of running a successful hotel.

There are a multitude of opportunities that property owners and managers can take advantage of to help run a smooth operation, and increase revenue.   Some of them are very common and well-known.   Some are becoming increasingly so.  Like  Guestcentric’s integrated e-commerce solution.

They’ve recently partnered with the BLLA in providing members products and services that will help them efficiently and effortlessly manage their website, increase reservations and leverage the potential of social media.

We’re also pleased to welcome on board another new technology supplier as a member – SocialStay.  They are the #1 mobile app provider for the hospitality industry.  Hotels can simply, quickly, and affordably create their own branded mobile app that engages guests and increases revenue.  Great for on-site promotions, plus it can be integrated into social media channels to increase your exposure, and you can include local features providing hand-picked and useful leisure information.

These are but two sophisticated and importantly, revenue generating technologies that can really make a difference to a hotel business.   We’ll be sure to update you here on other recommended technology supplier BLLA members, and help managers and owners discover additional opportunities to increase revenue and operational efficiency.

And if you have discovered any new technologies recently that are making your hotel business more successful, then please share them with everyone!

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