Madrid’s Best Kept Secret – Top Small Boutique Hotel in the heart of the city

Roman Lounge of Casa de Madrid
Roman Lounge of Casa de Madrid

One of the delights of travelling can be the discovery of a hidden gem of a boutique hotel.   Casa de Madrid, one of BLLA’s first members, is one of Madrid’s best kept secrets discreetly located on the 2nd floor of a landmark 18th century building opposite the Teatro Real – Madrid’s Royal Opera House.

Damascus Suite Casa de Madrid Luxury Accommodation
Damascus Suite

It has 7 exotically designed rooms, and is the private residence of Marta Medina, who prefers to think of Casa de Madrid as her home – more of a luxury guest house than a traditional hotel.  In fact, it offers such privacy that it has hosted over the years a number of celebrities from the world of film, opera and entertainment.

Recently, even though 2010 has been a tough year in Madrid, it has experienced some significant achievements .  It partners with  Guestcentric, another BLLA member, using their website management and booking engine system, and has seen substantial increases in revenue and occupancy as a result.  The partnership has also resulted in an award-winning website – a notable achievement considering the amount of competition!

Having to face the budget challenges of all small boutique properties, Casa de Madrid has had to leverage as much as possible it’s social media strategy and has had some welcome success.  Over 6 months, it has risen in TripAdvisor’s rankings from position 14 to number 3, thanks to their post-stay contact strategy with guests.  And recently they started a Facebook page to maintain an on-going relationship with guests past and present, and encourage re-visits.  It already has over 200 fans.

All these initiatives, plus the on-going press in publications such as the Financial Times, and Daily Telegraph , leave Casa de Madrid in the precarious position of perhaps no longer being Madrid’s best kept secret for much longer!  Secret or no secret, we wish them continued success.

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