BLLA interviewed by Sandy Dhuyvetter of Talk Travel Radio

As with all industry firsts and new initiatives, it’s important to be given opportunities to spread the word and publicize your vision and message.  As such, we were extremely privileged to be invited by Sandy Dhuyvetter for an interview of BLLA’s Founder on  Business Travel Radio, produced by Travel Talk Media.

Sandy Dhuyvetter
Sandy Dhuyvetter

The ten minute discussion not only provided the opportunity for Frances Kiradjian to talk about the BLLA journey, but highlight a lot of the association’s initiatives and benefits, including the recent BLLA awards.  With the significant audience that Sandy’s show recieves this will no doubt benefit existing members by increasing the awareness and profile of the association.  The result being that our sector of the hospitality industry gets more recognition as a official niche with unique needs and opportunities.  And that all players in the sector will feel encouraged to be a part of the association, thus making it stronger and in an even better position to determine the boutique and lifestyle lodging sector’s continued success in the future.

You can listen to the full interview here.

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