Boutique Brand partnerships – Derby Hotels opens exquisite Hotel Bagués

Increasingly nowadays boutique or luxury brands are making moves into the world of boutique hotels.  Armani and Bulgari to name but two.  And if it’s not a go-it-alone venture, brands are partnering with hotels to enter into the lucrative lifestyle and boutique lodging sector.  Jaguar has partnered with Hip Hotels in the UK to promote Hip Hotel drives.

So, it’s no surprise that Derby Hotels has embarked on a partnership with the legendary Catalan art jewellery brand Bagués-Masriera to create a very special bijou hotel – Hotel Bagués.  Since all Derby Hotels are unique and original, combining art, culture and luxury, the project to create a tribute to the creative work of Bagués-Masriera has been a perfectly logical one.

Hotel Bagues Barcelona
Hotel Bagues Barcelona

Thanks to this cooperation, it has been possible to recover one of Barcelona’s most beautiful monuments, a palace designed in 1850 by the architect Josep Fontserè i Domènech, which until a few years ago contained one of Bagués-Masriera’s historic jewellery shops and part of their studio.

Bagués Jewellery
Fine example of Bagués Jewellery

Apart from the exquisitely decorated 31 rooms, the hotel houses a unique collection of work from the Bagués-Masriera fund which visitors can view in the hotel’s museum and function room.

The hotel represents a new and highly worthwhile concept in the world of boutique hotels – demonstrating the value and benefits of cultural partnerships, and how hotel brands can significantly contribute to the world of art, architecture and culture.

We’re delighted to have Derby Hotels, and a number of their properties including the award-winning Hotel Claris in Barcelona, Hotel Urban in Madrid and Hotel Banke in Paris, as members of the BLLA.   We wish the Derby Hotels Collection and especially the Hotel Bagués every success in the future and congratulate them on such a unique and exquisite example of what the boutique hospitality industry can offer.

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