Welcome to 2011 !

As we ponder another fresh new year, our industry is hard at work making a comeback.  The last decade has taught us many things about our vulnerability and elasticity to bounce back from the most adverse events imagineable.

Looking forward, we see the opportunity right in front of us and it is up to each individual to take advantage of it.  I am personally excited and empowered to embrace these opportunities and take them all the way to fulfillment and to share them with our members and friends of the association.

Reflecting on last year, some poignant takeaways:

* Jack DeBoer, from the floor of The Lodging Conference:

–  This is a time for experts.  There is no room for amateurs.

–  We’re in business to make money.

–  Rich & poor; rich is better!

–  Life is a series of choices.

–  Personal relationships; always put yourself in the other chair.

–  Don’t be a manager if you’re an entrepreneur.

–  The person that always talks about cheating you is the one that will.

–  Live your life from success to significance.

Now go out there and grab your fair share of business, but never forget to stop and smell the roses.  This hospitality industry association will be there to support our members every step of the way.


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