Food Trends Wrap-Up – Part 2

BLLA’s first conference on Food Trends in boutique and lifestyle properties revealed several contributing factors on how economic and healthy prosperity will affect food in the coming year.  As many boutique chefs and their properties have forecasted for growth, the overall consensus seems to be a higher bill for customers and healthier, fresher food.  As prices on menus will increase, farm fresh produce will become a mainstay in restaurants. 

The Show Begins

Here are some underlying trends we can expect this year:

Economic Factors

  • Prix Fixe menus will increase; no more martini lunches
  • We will see more ‘upscale’ food trucks
  • New ‘farm to table’ dinner menus


  • Getting back to roots which will replace Winemaker dinners
  • Molecular cooking is new but could be similar to when baking soda came about.  Most chefs agreed that while ‘foams’ are becoming popular, most like foam “only in their coffee!”
  • Parallels like infusing chicken with duck fat make for a great and tasty dish
  • For banquets/meetings, offer more creative and personalized themes with real value

Food Trends Evening Event

Healthy meetings are ‘in’ — MORE power bars, LESS cookies.

 The great debate on In-Room Dining

  • Seems that this is only a convenience for the traveler and in history, has never made much of a profit
  • Who wants to sit in their room and eat alone?
  • Joie de Vivre has done well with their Approachable Cuisine which is restaurant style food for in-room menus
  • One thing for certain stated Bernie Otis with Kamran & Co., “If you’re going to offer a complimentary breakfast to guests, make sure your clients are going to complement you on it.”  Ha, good advice!

 Fun Trends Review from Andrew Freeman, Trends Consultant:

  • Pie vs. cupcakes
  • Single ingredient things are “Hot”
  • Bring the chefs experience into all areas of the hotel
  • Hot dogs – small, fun sized
  • Veg Out!
  • Meatless Mondays
  • Brussel sprouts are making a comeback with great new ways to prepare, like frying

    Eat your brussels!

 Infusion Fun, Popstars

  • Like popsicles and cornflakes
  • Pretzels
  • Edible arrangements, as a treat from the Chef

Table-side service is back, big time

  • Bar Carts
  • Coffee service

    CBTL's new in-room Coffee & Tea Service

As food trends toward the pricier end, customers can rely on value from ‘farm fresh’ food and Table service. Our healthier lifestyle will be rewarded!

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