BLLA and the Historic Association of Boutique Hotels in Turkey sign agreement

Mr. Faruk Coplan Vice President (OZBI), Mr. Hasan Gulkaynak President (OZBI), Mr. Michael Vastardis Exec. Director EMEA (BLLA), and Mr. Adnan Mordeniz Secretary General (OZBI), Left to right

Mr. Hasan Gulkaynak President of the Historical & Boutique Hotels of Turkey (OZBI) together with Mr Michael Vastardis, Executive Director of the Boutique & Lifestyle Lodging Association (BLLA) agreed to establish a collaboration for the benefit of both above mentioned Associations.

Both parties expressed their commitment towards the establishment of a worthwhile and mutually beneficial working collaboration. Both parties agreed that it is for the benefit of all concerned and that it makes good business sense to join forces in developing cooperation between the Historical & Boutique Association of Turkey and the Boutique & Lifestyle Lodging Association. As a result of this achievement, the existing members of BLLA, the members of OZBI, as well as all those who understand the need and power of collaboration and will be joining in due course, can greatly benefit from this interaction and will reap all the benefits, especially those derived from BLLA’s international exposure and distribution, education and training and the various discounted programs, conferences, Awards, to name but a few.

BLLA organization offers the opportunity to successfully compete on a level playing field with major hotel companies. Member hotels for the first time have access to boutique specific marketing tools, webinars, industry reports, news and information, practical education, business development resources and can benefit from a number of powerful distribution channels that will deliver incremental upscale revenue streams.

Association of  Historical & Boutique Hotels of Turkey (OZBI ) is an official association representing a group ” hotels with distinct features” in Turkey. Member hotels are unique properties, all independently owned and managed. OZBI hotels are usually small hotels offering guests a personal and intimate feeling. OZBI hotels are usually located in city centers – within walking distance to city’s landmarks. They may be remodeled mansions, reconstructed Turkish houses or may exhibit distinctive architectural /design features that blend in with the surroundings they are a part of. They all possess exquisite character.

The Boutique & Lifestyle Lodging Association (BLLA) was created to be the unifying voice of this unique yet extremely fragmented sector, sector within the hospitality industry. Its goal is To unite the world’s collection of boutique & lifestyle properties and the suppliers It will be the “One Place” on one platform, to find and book all boutique & lifestyle hotels for the consumer as well as for the agency community. By pooling resources, independent owners and groups have the opportunity to successfully compete on a level playing field with major hotel companies and market themselves to meet the ever-increasing demand of this discerning boutique-seeking client. Members include hospitality suppliers of all kinds including food & beverage, hotel brands and independent boutique & lifestyle properties that fit the BLLA strict criteria, travel agents, corporate travel offices, students and individuals. BLLA guides property owners, managers, suppliers, as well as travellers, through: Educational events and Builds a sustained community that exchanges ideas, shares information and works towards common goals and champions the needs of the boutique and lifestyle property industry worldwide through: Collaboration, Communication, Advocacy, and Education.

BLLA serves as a directory for travellers who seek out unusual and individual lodging options and provides them with the resources and information they need to understand the joys to be reaped from of a boutique stay, book their ideal stay and make their travels hassle-free and memorable. BLLA is committed to clarifying boutique and lifestyle properties to worldwide travellers, booking agents, the boutique hotel industry itself and offers its members the chance to take control of their industry, how it’s defined and represented, how it will grow and evolve in the future to ensure that the boutique and lifestyle sector reaps the rewards it deserves. BLLA was founded in answer to the expressed need for leveraging the industry’s collective voice.

Both parties agreed that they are prepared to do their uttermost and perform their duties and responsibilities towards all participating members whom they wish to assist so that they in turn, may perform their obligations successfully and in a professional way.

2 thoughts on “BLLA and the Historic Association of Boutique Hotels in Turkey sign agreement

  1. We do hope that, this agreement will be beneficial for both parties of Historical & Boutique Hotels of Turkey and BLLA and also to unite the world’s collection of boutique hotels and it will be the “One Place” on one platform.

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