Redefining Boutique Hotels

What is a Boutique Hotel?

BLLA is taking the lead in developing a universal standard for the definition of a boutique property. Together with a well-recognized Board of Advisors comprised of hospitality experts and influential industry forces, as well as with boutique properties and other industry professionals, we will work together to collaborate on definitions and terminology to clear up and eliminate confusion within our industry’s vernacular by agreeing upon their meanings.

BLLA will clearly define boutique and lifestyle property types, standards, characteristics and attributes, addressing the differences within each region. We will address these regional and distinct features that make our hotels standout and help travelers understand they are choosing to stay somewhere special.

The outcome of the process is earmarked to become the industry standard.

To date however, it has been largely subjective as to what a boutique is. And each has been valid. As such, BLLA is providing options to satisfy each and every one, in order to leverage every customer revenue-generating opportunity.

Criteria for Membership:

Currently, BLLA’s fundamental criteria is as follows:
• Boutique: < 100 rooms
• Lifestyle: <300 rooms
• Must have a distinctive design, style and atmosphere
• Must have on-site food & beverage

Boutique properties are intimate, distinctive, quirky, cutting-edge, avant-garde, trendy, funky, classic, and luxurious. They go by different names to express their unique amenities: lifestyle hotels, bed and breakfasts, inns, villas, boutique resorts, boutique hotels, spa hotels, wellness hotels, designer hotels, signature hotels, or trendy hotels, to name only a few. What makes them stand out in the hotel and hospitality industry is their incredible attention to detail and distinct qualities.

These boutiques can be found in the surf, safari, or the city. Travelers can find them near wineries, world heritage sites, or in the country. Boutiques are often frequented by the sophisticate, the artist, the politico and all those travelers who have a taste for something different.

When “Googling” “boutique” gets you 268,000,000 sites (yes, that’s 268 million), and “boutique hotels” gets you 32,700,000 sites. as such, it is difficult to discern a difference.

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