Why you need to join BLLA

BLLA was founded in answer to the expressed need for leveraging the industry’s collective voice.

BLLA is an Association created to be the unifying voice of this distinctive, yet extremely fragmented sector, within the hospitality industry. Its goal is to unite the world’s collection of boutique & lifestyle properties and the suppliers that sustain them, offering them the opportunity to successfully compete on a level playing field with major hotel companies, as well as market themselves to meet the ever-increasing demand from discerning boutique-seeking clients.

BLLA champions the needs of the boutique and lifestyle property industry worldwide through collaboration, communication, advocacy, and education. It guides property owners, managers, suppliers, as well as travelers, through educational events and builds a sustained community that exchanges ideas, shares information and works towards common goals.

BLLA also serves as a directory for travelers who seek out unusual and individual lodging options and provides them with the resources and information they need to understand the joys to be reaped from of a boutique stay, book their ideal stay and make their travels hassle-free and memorable. BLLA is committed to clarifying boutique and lifestyle properties to worldwide travelers, their booking agents and to the boutique hotel industry itself.

Association members benefit from a number of powerful distribution channels that deliver incremental upscale revenue streams as well as boutique specific resources, marketing tools, news and information, the BLLA serves as the go-to destination for everything boutique and lifestyle property-related. Our members finally have a resource that understands their specific needs and niche market.

In addition, members benefit from access to research papers, webinars, industry reports, marketing tools, and news and information specific to boutique properties and their suppliers.

Membership categories include brands and properties (owners/managers/staff) and suppliers who desire to reach this hospitality sector; travel agents and corporate travel managers; individuals, hotel corporate offices, hospitality students and the media.

Most significantly, the Association offers its members the chance to take control of their industry – how it’s defined and represented, and how it will grow and evolve in the future – to ensure that the boutique and lifestyle sector reaps the rewards it deserves.

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