RFP Season 2012 — Who do Gatekeepers think they are anyways?

Every year for the past 20 odd or so, I’ve spent 6 months or so working through the trials and tribulations of the Request for Pricing season.

During this tedious procedure (please someone invent a new one!), you must make your way through a ton of mazes, twists and turns and lastly, GATEKEEPERS.

Who are they and why do they hold such power?  We all have a ton of questions about these people.  They are entrusted to make decisions which could affect the outcome of a property’s overall occupancy and revenue per available room.

I believe that most independent hotels who rely on these marketing and distribution groups and who are entrusted with making wise decisions, actually have no clue what is really going on behind the scenes.  They have a RIGHT TO KNOW, that’s for sure.  Problem is, they are probably clueless about it.

There exists a huge potential for business that is being left on the table because of the GATEKEEPER.  They are actually CLOSING THE DOOR for one full year for that property.

It is clear that favoritism also plays a role.  What — are the Gatekeepers getting extra attention, freebies?  This is not what the RFP process is meant to achieve.  Commerce is held up by the opinions of these people.  Their job is to be alert to bringing opportunities and they should allow the people in charge of the bottom line, including the owner, in on what opportunities there are, keeping their opinion to the sidelines.

What a shame that the property GM’s and Owners haven’t an idea of what is really going on behind the scenes!

BLLA is an Elite Hotel Program that is not for the weak at heart.  We are here to drive business and awareness of boutique & lifestyle independent hotels, brands and collections on a global basis.  The Elite portion involves many other elements, so we do not fit in a box, i.e. the traditional consortia box (which is old, stinky and outdated).

Don’t ignore this if you are an Owner, a GM, a management company.  Opinions anyone?


El BLLA Capitan


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