Travel Trends to Watch in 2013

With 2013 now rolling along, the luxury travel and hospitality industries have set their sights on new horizons. With the Generation X crowd exploring travel, businesses are tailoring their services to this energetic, tech-savvy group. In other words, the Millennials are coming! In order to harness the vitality of this generation, the way people travel will change in 2013. Most noticeably, there will be trends involving cruise lines, airport security and mobile travel capabilities.

Uncharted Waters
Cruises have conventionally focused routes on the Western Hemisphere, but in 2013 they will explore uncharted waters. Multiple cruise lines will set sail for the Far East. Burma has emerged as a destination for lines such as Silversea and Azamara Club Cruises. The Irrawaddy River in Burma has become a popular route, as Orient-Express will add a second ship.

Globe 1Cruise lines will also begin to sail to Vietnam and Cambodia this year. Uniworld, Viking, and Aqua Expeditions have added these new locations to their itinerates. While sailing on the Mekong River, ships will visit Ho Chi Minh City and the historic temples of Angkor Wat.

The ventures don’t stop there. Sea Dream Yacht Club will explore Java, Indonesia and other parts of southern Thailand. For those of you enticed by luxury travel on water, be sure to take advantage of these breathtaking destinations!

No Lines, Just Fly
Would you travel more often if getting through the airport weren’t such a hassle? Well, you’re not alone, as this is a universal peeve. With airport crowds ballooning to all time highs, there will be new ways to get through quicker in 2013. Spreading to 39 airports worldwide, The U.S Customs & Border Protection’s Global Entry is quickly becoming the ideal way to travel globally. After submitting to background checks, you simply swipe your passport and breeze through customs.

Don’t worry domestic travelers, we haven’t forgotten about you! There will be no need to remove shoes, laptops or liquids with TSA’s PreCheck. Expedited screening lines will be available to members. Three dozen airports have already caught on, and many more are expected to adopt. The service targets travelers from domestic airlines’ frequent-flier clubs and Loews Hotel & Resorts loyalty programs.

But wait, there are more speedy airport lines on the horizon. For an annual fee of $179, the biometrics-based airport security program, Clear, enables you to jump to the front of security lines. It is available at Dallas, Denver and San Francisco airports, with more U.S. ports looking to add in 2013. Don’t let congested airports cause you to miss a flight, and subsequently ruin your trip!

“Electronic Wallet”
Out with paper, in with digital. Now that the tech-driven era is beginning to travel with regularity, Apple needed to respond. Included in their iOS6 update last fall, Passbook manages hotel and flight reservations. Nobody travels, or goes anywhere for that matter, without their phone right? You can access boarding passes, tickets and coupons on this “electronic wallet”. Airlines such as United and American have embraced the app. Apple realized that it’s far more common to misplace a ticket than a cell phone. Why not have all of your travel documents at your fingertips? Paper tickets will soon become obsolete!

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