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The Best Travel Apps on the Market

We take our smartphones along wherever we go these days, whether we’re at home or on vacation. Our phones have become a tool for so many things, why not put them to use while we’re traveling?

Our friends at Roomer Travel have put together this handy guide to some of the best apps for your smartphone that will take your next vacation to a whole new level!

Roomer 2

1. Seat Alerts by ExpertFlyer (Free on iOS and Android) – Do you have a preference for which seat you take while flying? Get back in control of where you sit with this great app. All you have to do is let it know which seat you want on your next flight and the app will let you know if and when that seat becomes available.

2. WalkJogRun GPS Running Routes ($4.99 on iOS) – So you love running and you hesitate to go on vacation because you’re afraid it will disrupt your routine? With this app you can stay in shape and keep up with your regimen. It finds the safest running routes in millions of cities all over the world and lets you choose your running level in order to give you the best results possible.

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3. Chefs Feed (Free on iOS and Android) – Don’t know where to eat when you go on vacation? Who better to trust than a group of chefs? Get reviews on local restaurants by top chefs from all around the U.S., Canada and London.

4. City Maps 2Go Pro Offline Maps ($2.99 on iOS and Android) – Gone are the days when you need an Internet connection on your smartphone in order to access maps. Offline maps help you navigate your way around a city without having to purchase expensive data packages.

5. Wikitude World Browser (Free on iOS and Android) – Ever wished you could just point to a building or monument and know all that there is to know about it? Well, now you can. With Wikitude Word Browser you can literally point your phone’s camera at a landmark to discover more information about it.

Roomer 1

6. Touchnote (Free on iOS and Android) – Nobody really sends postcards anymore, but what if you could send them straight from your phone? You can use Touchnote to create your own postcards to send your friends and family straight from your smartphone!

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