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Sheldon Adelson at the BLLA booth in Las Vegas!

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Did we mention Sheldon Adelson, owner of The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino and the Sands Expo and Convention Center, stopped by the BLLA booth and chatted it up with one of our members, Americhip? Here is a sneak peek of a photo we managed to snap, even with all the intense security!


Sheldon Adelson, eight wealthiest American and owner of The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino and the Sands Expo and Convention Center

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THE DIGITAL AGE OF BOUTIQUE – From Business Center to Business Hotel

How effective are the business centers in your hotel? When we’ve stayed at hotels, rarely have we used the business centers – mostly because many of them are forgotten about caves hidden in the cold dark corners of the hotel. It’s time to phase these out – but what’s next?

There’s been plenty of research showing that free (or inexpensive) WIFI use throughout the hotel is quickly becoming an expectation of travelers – business or leisure, but now even that is no longer enough.

Take the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood – where guests register on an iPAD tablet and are offered free WIFI, communal tables and a lobby reminiscent of a coffee shop.

But many boutiques nowadays deem this is not enough. Enter the High-Tech Hotel – where the guest can literally control their entire experience. iPads in the room can control the temperature of the room, order room service, set mood lighting (both color and brightness), and even smells in some places.

(See Citizen M, Amsterdam – where every room comes with a Moodpad, or Eccleston Square in London, where every room comes with an iPad and each room comes with a 3-D TV).

And this should not come as a surprise. The travellers seeking out boutique hotels are tech-savvy, wealthy, connected, busy, and seek their fun by searching for it on the Internet. How has your hotel anticipated this trend? How do boutiques that have built their guest experience around their heritage or historical property seamlessly blend this overwhelmingly modern/futuristic technology without compromising their brand?

Boutiques have a great opportunity to shed their “business centers” and blend internet and technology in with their style – not only to serve the business needs of their guests, but add to the experience. Technology is more adaptable now than ever, and you can use its infinite possibilities to put a creative spin on your guest experience.

Check out this article that lists the World’s Most Tech-Savvy Boutique Hotels by Courtney Boyd Myers. And please, do let us know: What is the most “tech-savvy” boutique hotel you’ve stayed in?

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How a bar of soap can go a long way…

Hello everyone! Just wanted to give a quick but very exciting update!

We are so proud to be supporting Clean the World at our International Symposium in Los Angeles this October!

Clean the World has a mission to collect, recycle and distribute hotel soaps to people who need it most to improve hygiene, sanitation and living conditions worldwide. Because soap saves lives. Read more about how Clean the World is bringing new sustainable and socially responsible practices and products to the global hospitality industry and SAVE THE DATE October 22-24, 2012 for the International Boutique Lifestyle Leadership Symposium.

We are so INSPIRED and hope you are too!

Happy Weekend!

BLLA’s first Board meeting held in New York

The Boutique & Lifestyle Lodging Association held its first board meeting today at the Wales Hotel New York City.  Participants came from as far away as Bangkok and included hotel owners, consultants, the official legal counsel to BLLA and others.

The most important discussion was on hotel membership.  Boutique & lifestyle hotels only please.  The first White Paper in the industry will help distinguish and define the association’s criteria.  More on this shortly.  Keep telling us what you think boutique and lifestyle properties are defined as.

Shown here: Christophe Vielle, Johanne Brierre, Tim Dixon, Frances Kiradjian, Becka Chester, Nelson Migdal, Michelle Finn