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A Look into the Future of the Boutique Hotel Industry

A Report by the Boutique & Lifestyle Lodging Association (BLLA)  BLLA_White-HiResWEB

Boutique Hotel Sentiment Survey Results

The Boutique & Lifestyle Lodging Association (BLLA) strives to be aware of upcoming trends in the boutique and luxury hotel industry, so that they can understand the thoughts and future plans of their member hotels. Things change very quickly in the world of luxury hotels, so this information is valuable for knowing what to expect in the future.

This report “A Look Into the Future of the Boutique Hotel Industry” reveals the responses to a research project that surveyed 55 different high end boutique and lifestyle hotels. The hotels were asked a series of questions about their plans for the near future and their opinions of the industry.

The James NY JIMMY-1The hoteliers were asked what their perception was of the biggest threats facing their hotel, including competition from other hotels, from AirBnB and other factors. They were also asked about their innovations for the future and the confidence they had for tackling future challenges.

The survey also covered the major areas of cost stress, including payroll, distribution and other cost pressures. The hoteliers were asked about the main areas in which they are investing their attention. Social media marketing was a popular response, but other areas of focus were revealed.

The report also looks into the way these hoteliers view the attributes of their hotel and their competition. The responses regarding sources of bookings are quite interesting and offer some insight into how these types of hotels operate. Within this study there is also information about the use of loyalty programs by these hotels.

the james ny 4The responses to the survey reveal many insightful trends relevant to the future of the boutique hotel industry. This report will go into greater detail analysing these responses, complete with charts to illustrate the trends. These responses and the ideas that they reveal paint a very interesting picture for the future of the boutique hotel industry.

The full report is available to BLLA members and participants of the Survey.

Email:  survey@blla.org to request a copy of the survey.  JOIN US at our upcoming conferences:
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RFP Season 2012 — Who do Gatekeepers think they are anyways?

Every year for the past 20 odd or so, I’ve spent 6 months or so working through the trials and tribulations of the Request for Pricing season.

During this tedious procedure (please someone invent a new one!), you must make your way through a ton of mazes, twists and turns and lastly, GATEKEEPERS.

Who are they and why do they hold such power?  We all have a ton of questions about these people.  They are entrusted to make decisions which could affect the outcome of a property’s overall occupancy and revenue per available room.

I believe that most independent hotels who rely on these marketing and distribution groups and who are entrusted with making wise decisions, actually have no clue what is really going on behind the scenes.  They have a RIGHT TO KNOW, that’s for sure.  Problem is, they are probably clueless about it.

There exists a huge potential for business that is being left on the table because of the GATEKEEPER.  They are actually CLOSING THE DOOR for one full year for that property.

It is clear that favoritism also plays a role.  What — are the Gatekeepers getting extra attention, freebies?  This is not what the RFP process is meant to achieve.  Commerce is held up by the opinions of these people.  Their job is to be alert to bringing opportunities and they should allow the people in charge of the bottom line, including the owner, in on what opportunities there are, keeping their opinion to the sidelines.

What a shame that the property GM’s and Owners haven’t an idea of what is really going on behind the scenes!

BLLA is an Elite Hotel Program that is not for the weak at heart.  We are here to drive business and awareness of boutique & lifestyle independent hotels, brands and collections on a global basis.  The Elite portion involves many other elements, so we do not fit in a box, i.e. the traditional consortia box (which is old, stinky and outdated).

Don’t ignore this if you are an Owner, a GM, a management company.  Opinions anyone?


El BLLA Capitan


And we’re back!

And we’re back! With acronyms, no less.

As you can see from our last few posts, we have been spending some time on definitions.

The boutique hotel segment of the industry is in a state of flux – it continues to grow and evolve.  And so, naturally, people are looking for a reliable and rooted source of information – information that defines and sets standards. Enter our 1st White Paper on the Definition of Boutique & Lifestyle, where we have laid out the groundwork for exactly that.

Our founder and chair, Frances Kiradjian, was recently interviewed in this special report by Michael Andre Adams (see below). Independent Thinking is an exploration of the opinions of industry professionals regarding the changing platform of hotels that call themselves “boutique”, the alliances that are being formed between these properties, and whether or not they are staying true to the definition of what truly is a boutique hotel.

Well, what is a boutique hotel anyway? Boutique hotels are CUIP (Yes, there is the acronym for you). Customized. Unique. Individual. Personalized.

Kiradjian also adds: “The most important defining features of boutique hotels are cultural and historical authenticity and that it provides interesting, unique services. Other important defining descriptors of boutique hotels include social spaces such as living rooms, libraries with social rooms and many high quality in-room features.”

After covering definitions relevant to the industry, the report continues to examine how boutique hotels and independent hotels are looking into opportunities to enter into groups and alliances with bigger brands and how staying truly independent and maintaining that special identity can become a challenge, but ultimately makes all the difference. Simply put, it’s about having the WOW factor.The WOW factor is an important part of the experience. It’s also attractive – hotels want to have it, and guests want to experience it. So, we ask ourselves, if you have the WOW, does size really matter? How much more important is the experience versus the size?

Continue reading this special report below while you enjoy some independent thinking of your own.

Here’s a link to Independent Thinking By Michael Andre Adams
Until next time,
the BLLA-gger

BLLA’s first Board meeting held in New York

The Boutique & Lifestyle Lodging Association held its first board meeting today at the Wales Hotel New York City.  Participants came from as far away as Bangkok and included hotel owners, consultants, the official legal counsel to BLLA and others.

The most important discussion was on hotel membership.  Boutique & lifestyle hotels only please.  The first White Paper in the industry will help distinguish and define the association’s criteria.  More on this shortly.  Keep telling us what you think boutique and lifestyle properties are defined as.

Shown here: Christophe Vielle, Johanne Brierre, Tim Dixon, Frances Kiradjian, Becka Chester, Nelson Migdal, Michelle Finn